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Pet Insurance

We encourage our clients to consider investing in pet insurance. However, we know that at times it can be confusing to determine which company and policy is the best fit for your needs as well as your pet's. On this page, you will find a few links to assist you with your decision.
At Pet Insurance Review, you can view comments from actual customers. By using a 1-10 rating system, companies are rated on their service and policies. This may help you compare each company more easily.
Click the logo below to see the American Veterinary Medical Association's list of things to consider when choosing companies and selecting a policy.
Pet Insurance Review
Which company do you recommened?

While we do not endorse a specific company, we've found that  some of our clients have had good experiences with Trupanion and Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI).  However, we suggest looking into all available insurance options and policies before making a final decision.  Below you can find several links to pet insurance websites.

Typically, pet insurance companies operate by reimbursing you after you've paid your bill at the veterinarian.  If you already have insurance for your pet, please bring any claim forms with to your visit. We'll be happy to get paperwork and signatures together to assist in submitting your claim.